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Kathleen Burns

Mother | Teacher | Grandmother

Kathleen Burns is a veteran educator with twenty years’ experience teaching over a thousand nine-and ten-year old children. She spent many years active in her community.  She played on the local women’s basketball and softball teams and was an avid skier and swimmer.  Some of her involvement included coaching girls softball as well as being instrumental in advocating for the introduction of girl’s athletic teams at the local high school. Kathleen earned her teaching degree in Behavioral Sciences and Psychology from Southern Colorado State College. She founded “Head Start for Parents", a nonprofit organization designed to teach parents how to raise their children for success.

The years spent with her own three children, one of whom had severe medical and learning disabilities, combined with the close relationship she had with her students and their parents, has given her a unique perspective in dealing with the stress and problems parents encounter while trying to raise their children.

During her teaching career she was able to compare the educational potential between children from different home environments. Her findings, when combined with studies made by numerous child development experts, led her to the undeniable conclusion that most children who are failures in school, also end up in the poorer classes of society. This awareness lead to her intense desire to teach parents how to do their job so that all children will have a proper beginning and be better qualified for success.  

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